Giving Girls a Light and a Future

In Cairo, Egypt, over forty percent of the population lives below the poverty line. War and conflict run rampant across the country causing devastation and elevating the percentage of poverty to ever higher levels. Employment opportunities are scarce and many families resort to putting their young children to work to bring in an income. Chances for a better life are non-existent for many. Life is even more bleak for the children as half of the percentage of the poor are under the age of 18. There are over a million children in poverty and their number is rapidly growing. Parents simply cannot afford to take care of their offspring. It is common to see children as young as five years old living on the streets no longer in a home. They are also sold. Boys do have a better advantage here than girls. A girl’s lot as life in the Cairo slums is unstable at best.

Girls in Egypt are among the most deprived in the country. They’re rights are stifled and they experience an extremely high level of discrimination. They are also especially susceptible to being exploited through prostitution or sold into sex trafficking. A high percentage run away from home to escape abuse. Once on the streets, they have very little choice as to how to earn a living for themselves. Many unwed mothers turn to sinful ways to make ends meet.

If they stay at home their options in life are limited. There are very few schools in the slums. Since money is scarce, families tend to use their funds to send their sons to school rather than their daughters. Instead, a lot of girls are married off at a young age.

But there is a light for girls and young women in Cairo! Teen Ministry gives girls from the streets and the slum areas a chance in life. This amazing ministry works in poor areas to win young women to Christ, as well as extend the love of Christ through empowerment and personal development at their social and spiritual care center. Here girls are given a chance to succeed. To grow into the wonderful young women that God intends for them to be. They receive an education and care to help them.

Oakseed has been a partner to Teen Ministry since 2001. Together we have helped hundreds of young women get the care and attention that they need and deserve. Funds from donors like you have enabled and empowered Teen Ministry to step out and help more girls than ever before.

Right now this ministry needs your prayers:

Teen Ministry is needing immense prayer as they try to reach as many girls as they can for the glory of God. Please pray for their organization in this hostile land and for the girls that they help.

Teens Ministry