Providing the Poor with the Promise of a Brighter Future

New Delhi is a metropolis packed with humanity and over half of the residents in this city live in slums without the proper basic services that so many of us take for granted. Many who have jobs only make $100 a month or less, and are unable to afford housing or provide education for their children. Many children do not go to school but work as rag-pickers in the busy marketplace or collect rubbish off the busy streets. Seventy percent of those living in the slums are illiterate. There are daily water shortages due to inadequate plumbing so there are problems with refuse in the streets creating unsanitary conditions. People are packed tightly in some areas without hope of a better life for themselves or their children.

The Sugundh Society makes it their mission to help the poor and needy in the slums of New Delhi. The society’ s name means “Fragrance” in Hindi, and that is exactly what they are - a sweet andsaving fragrance bringing the love of Jesus Christ to the lost and suffering. The ministry is located in this city and serves the people living in destitution.

“Our vision is to restore the brightness and fun that should be a part of every child’ s life, integrate the children into formal education, and equip them with crucial life skills so that they may have good and hopeful foundations.”

The children are mostly from migrant families and most parents are involved in extremely low paid employment such as rag-picking and rickshaw pulling. Each child who is helped through the Sugundh Society receives free textbooks, mid-day meals, stationery material, uniforms, shoes, school bags, and other supplies. There are three main classes.

They have also implemented a Women’ s Self-Help group which has saved many lives in the community and have helped women in legal matters with their children and families.

The Sugundh Society needs your prayers: They are working wherever they can to help empower people in their own lives to provide education therefore opening up new avenues for opportunity in life. Please pray for their success and that God works through them to be a light to the slums of New Delhi.


The Sugundh Society began in 1997, when Ms. Emma Lodge Patch and seven friends received the calling to help the children and people living in poverty in the slums. They were determined to do what they could to help. The Sugundh non-formal school was started to provide laboring children with a mid-day meal and a basic education in reading, writing, and numeracy. They also set themselves up to teach life skills and trade such as sewing, painting, and car mechanics.

Today this amazing ministry is led by Pastor Tara. He and a small staff provide the community with:
  • Non-formal education for the laboring slum children
  • Vocational training for youth and women
  • Instructional literature, teaching aids, and equipment
  • Scholarships and stipends for scholars and trainees in vocations to enable them to
    become self-supporting
  • Care for destitute children, youths, aged, the homeless, and disabled initiating
    measures for their rehabilitation and medical care without any reference to race, sex,
    creed, caste, or religious persuasion to the beneficiary.

Oakseed's Impact

Oakseed has helped the Sugundh Society through prayer and financial support. Because of the wonderful contributions through Oakseed, the Sugundh Society has been able to help countless lives and has seen miraculous results in the lives of the poor. A few lives that have been changed by the attention of this ministry include:
  • 4 boys who have now grown into pastors with their own ministries
  • 2 of our non-Christian staff members have accepted Christ into their lives and have
    been baptized
  • A leader at Sugundh that used to lead the church services now has a church of his own
  • Awareness of the people in their community of how to fight for their rights with the
  • Awareness for the Right to Education which has made the people of their community
    send their children to school to give them a brighter future with more options in life.
Oakseed has also helped this ministry immensely by providing funds that enables them to provide Vocational Bible School to children and to provide them with mid-day meals.

This tireless organization is forever striving to help more and more people than they ever have before. They never rest as they try to help as many as they can. Their plan for the next five years is to continue to work with the poor and focus on programs for girls’ education.

The Sugundh Society

The Sugundh Society is in need of funds to help pay for 3 of
their staff members. Every monetary gift will be greatly