Bazaar Story: Jars of Oil Mission Africa

Bazaar Story: Jars of Oil Mission Africa

Bazaar Story: Jars of Oil Mission Africa


(Amuria, Hoima, and Lira, Uganda) 

Living with HIV filled Harriet’s heart with anxiety. She worried about her three grandchildren’s future, given her health condition. All she could see were storm clouds ahead. She was afraid her grandkids would suffer more heartache if her health failed.

But Harriet joined the JOMA program. JOMA provided food packages, helped her start a garden she could use to feed her grandchildren, and ensured she received the proper medical care to stay healthy. Her family’s life was turned upside down when they were introduced to Jesus. Harriet and her grandkids became Christians, and her health has improved. For the first time, Harriet sees hope on the horizon.

God is using JOMA to transform the lives of widows and orphans by demonstrating God’s love—and teaching us how to care for the vulnerable around us.

JOMA ministers to elderly widows (affectionately referred to as grannies) who lost their children to AIDS and now take care of their grandchildren. With compassion, the ministry breaks through the shame and stigma associated with AIDS to meet grannies’ physical and spiritual needs.

For months, Sarah’s poor health confined her to a bed. Despair covered Sarah like a rain cloud, and fear gripped her heart. She felt unworthy of God’s love and forgotten. After participating in JOMA, Sarah learned an important truth: God sees and loves her. Armed with truth instead of lies, Sarah’s health—both spiritual and physical—has improved. Her days are spent working around the new home the Lord provided for her family. She can smile at the days ahead because God is with her and meeting her everyday needs.

JOMA feeds families by delivering food packages and helping “grannies” start gardens. The gardens provide a source of food, income, and dignity. Many of the grannies suffer from HIV or other illnesses. The Heart & Hands program arranges medical treatment for grannies. JOMA helped grannies enroll 16 orphans into local schools.


Through the gift of a car, JOMA can transport grannies to medical appointments, visit grannies, and purchase necessary supplies for the ministry.


Pray for the Lord to transform multiple generations as the staff shows God’s love to grannies and their orphaned grandchildren. 


In addition to prayer, here are tangible ways to provide for JOMA as they minister to these grannies and children 

  • Bible for orphaned grandchildren: This gift provides an orphaned grandchild with a copy of the Bible. JOMA families are overjoyed to receive personal Bibles.
  • School fees for AIDS orphans: Your gift will provide an orphan with the required fees to attend school. Many orphans are forced to drop out of school because they cannot afford these fees.
  • Granny medical care: The grannies cared for by JOMA often go years without medical care. Your gift ensures that their medical needs are met.
  • Granny retreat: Your gift will allow grannies to enjoy a JOMA retreat. Retreats include comfortable housing, nutritious meals, bathroom facilities, and spiritual encouragement.
  • Where most needed: Your gift will meet the critical needs of grannies who care for their orphaned grandchildren.  

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