Bazaar Story: Royal Nest

Bazaar Story: Royal Nest

Bazaar Story: Royal Nest


(Monrovia, Liberia) 

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world with 84 percent of the population living below the poverty line of $1.25 per day. Royal Nest steps into this need by providing 500 underprivileged children a tuition-free Christian school education.

Six-year-old Blama Johnson exemplifies how the Lord builds up families through the ministry of Royal Nest. Blama is the son of Krubo whose life was transformed by the ministry of Angel Care.

Royal Nest helps families like Blama’s family break the cycle of poverty through education. Through attending Royal Nest, Blama is growing his academic skills while also learning that Jesus loves him. As his mother learns how see and nurture the potential in him through her Angel Care classes, the cycle of domestic violence stops and is replaced with healthy interactions. Having a healthy home environment equips Blama to grow academically and take steps toward a brighter future because both home and school are a safe place.


Each year Royal Nest hosts community outreach days on Liberia’s Independence Day (July 26) and Christmas Day where 300 community children gather for a meal, clothing distribution, and special gifts.


Pray that children at Royal Nest will grow academically and spiritually through their classes and escape the cycle of poverty. 


In addition to prayer, Oakseed’s bazaar catalog offers tangible ways to provide for Royal Nest as they minister to these children, including:  

  • Bibles: Your gift will provide a child with their own copy of the Bible to use at school and home. 
  • Soccer balls and equipment: This gift provides soccer balls and equipment for the Royal Nest soccer outreach program.
  • School kit for an underprivileged child: Your gift will provide a child with new shoes, a backpack with supplies, and a school uniform.
  • Community outreach celebrations: Liberia’s Independence Day and Christmas Day celebrations are outreach events to hundreds of impoverished children. Your gift ensures these outreaches continue.
  • Where most needed:Your gift will be used by Royal Nest where it is most needed to support the ministry to underprivileged children.

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