Seeing Lives Transformed Forever

In Costa Rica, poverty is a way of life for 1.1 million citizens. One out of four children lives below the poverty line. Roughly 280,000 children are not regularly attending school. Many children between the ages of 5-14 work to contribute to their family’ s income. Most of these children work in the fields, selling goods on the streets, or working in the homes of family members. Due to the rising cost of commodities plus a large unemployment rate, many families are forced to live in the slums. There are approximately 36,000 children living on the streets due to being orphaned or from running away. Being on the streets leaves children vulnerable and open tothe local drug cartels, and gangs to prey upon them leaving countless cases of violence and sexual abuse in the form of pornography, human trafficking, and prostitution. Orphaned girls are huge prey for the sex trade. The child sex industry is a major issue in Costa Rica as well as the HIV/aids disease which runs rampant.

Roblealto (Tall Oak) Child Care Association became a light to help these children.

Oakseed's Impact

Oakseed has partnered with Roblealto since 2002 to offer support in providing funds to help with workshops and training the children’ s parents so they are able to gain knowledge and, therefore, break out of poverty. Oakseed also covers the costs of education so children are able to go to school.

“It is amazing to see how the cycles of poverty and dysfunction are being broken and families transformed!”

They make sure that the children receive the love and understanding from a staff that cares and shares Christian values with them. These values are extremely important as the children will learn and pull from them the rest of their lives.

Through this wonderful ministry, children receive:
  • A loving and safe environment in which to grow
  • Healthy food
  • School support and homework help
  • Development of language, gross and fine motor skills
  • Christian teaching
  • Implementation of core virtues through an Interdisciplinary program
  • Counseling
  • Psychological therapy
Not only does Roblealto help the impoverished children of Costa Rica, but they also provide help for families through:
  • Improvement of the interaction between family members
  • Increased capacity to confront crises and adverse situations
  • Control health problems
  • Development of personal responsibility and values
  • Development of self within the family and other social groups
  • Confrontation of all forms of family violence and child labor
  • Prevention of criminal and addictive behaviors
  • Improvement of economic situation
  • Discipleships

This ministry’s vision is clear:

“We will be a regional organization, living the Word of God; leading preventive programs specialized in the holistic development of children and families in social vulnerability, generating and managing resources with efficiency and transparency for its sustainability and growth.”

Though they will not see their mission as complete until the Lord returns, they will continue to be His instrument to bring restoration and hope to those in greatest need in Costa Rica, and hopefully in other areas of the world.

Their biggest challenges now reside in raising support for their new center and opening a training center for people living in poverty so they can learn a skill or trade in order to find steady jobs.

“Spiritually speaking, we believe Christians all around the world are facing a great challenge, as societies are losing important values and expect that we Christians adjust ours. However, in Roblealto, we know that what has made our program successful is the Lord so our goal is to continue teaching His Word and love our neighbor as He expects us to.

”Roblealto needs your love and prayers. They are trying to expand as the need for their ministry rapidly increases. Please pray for their strength and for their continued support from donors. If you would like to make a monetary contribution, you may do so here.


This ministry was founded by missionaries Harry and Susan Strachan in 1932. They felt the call of the Lord to evangelize in Latin America. They founded the Latin America Evangelization Campaign in Costa Rica. Once established, several other ministries were born, including Roblealto.

This fantastic ministry and has been working with the poor children of Costa Rica for 84 years now. Roblealto is a Christian, public welfare, non-profit organization with a mission to care for the children who are in critical situations. They work with kids who are at social risk and in need of specialized care so they can have a better chance of becoming men and women of good standing in their communities. They have helped thousands of children, making sure each one receives comprehensive care in health, nutrition, education, spiritual, and emotional support and psychological treatment when needed.

They make sure that the children receive the love and understanding from a staff that cares and shares Christian values with them. These values are extremely important as the children will learn and pull from them the rest of their lives.


Children get amazing help from Roblealto. Countless success stories come out of this ministry. Stories of inspiration such as:
  • Edgar and Kattia Mora
  • These two came to Roblealto when they were little. They had been living in a scrap metal shack with their mother. They were living in extreme poverty and their mother had no means to send her children to school. She came to Roblealto looking for help. Today, Kattia is a lawyer and Edgar is a physician. Both actively contribute to Roblealto from their professional fields.
  • Priscilla Wright
  • When she was little, she was brought to their shelter, the Bible Home. Even though efforts were made to restore her family, her birthmother did not want to change her ways so Priscilla was not returned to her. However, God had a plan in mind for Priscilla. In Roblealto, she met a new family and thanks to the support received, today she is a pharmacist and serves the Lord by sharing the Gospel to people and being a model to those who are going through situations similar to the ones she went through as a child.

Today, there are 745 children under their care, plus the children’ s families, so over 1,350 people are receiving Roblealto’ s services today.

In October 2016, Roblealto will open its fourth Child Care and Family Development Center for 200 more children in the slum community of Los Guido. The fact that Roblealto has kept its mission for so many years in spite of changes in those leading the ministry can only be for the Lord and His love and provision.

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