Changing a Dark Part of the World One Heart at a Time

The country of Pakistan is very poor. Their government is not able to fully eliminate terrorism, so there is always the fear of travel, especially if you are a Christian doing ministry work. Economically, the country is declining due to corruption, war, and violence. It seems to permeate the very air breathed. So how does one spread the love of Christ in such a dark land? Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students strives to answer that call as they do God’ s work under threat for their lives.

Ministry Goals

  • 1. To establish and nurture a witness of Christ among students.
  • 2. To help Christian students grow in faith through Bible Study, prayer, and to develop a Biblical worldview.
  • 3. To bring a dynamic understanding of the world mission and to equip graduates to
    apply Gospel values in their work and in society.
Students remain with the Fellowship for 3-4 years. They develop students and let them follow the profession that God leads them to. In the PFES ministry, they have seen many students who have committed their lives to Christ and are serving as church leaders, pastors, and serving in Christian hospitals as doctors. There are engineers, accountants, college lecturers, and teachers, plus NGO workers. This Fellowship is packed full of success stories as more and more students give their lives to Jesus through the Bible Study groups and camps.

Oakseed's Impact

Oakseed has partnered with the Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students since the ministry’ s pioneering days. Today, Oakseed is instrumental in helping the ministry reach out to students in different capacities, like summer camps, training programs, and funds to help them meet their annual budget.

Pakistan is an economically poor country and every year, PFES must raise more funds to meet the budget. They are thankful to God for His faithfulness that He has provided for their needs every year. In last fifteen years, they were able to:
  • ~ Buy property in Lahore for a student centre and residence for the General Secretary. They are also building a new student centre in Hyderabad.
  • ~ The number of students in Bible Study groups have multiplied.
  • ~ They started their Medical Students Fellowship (in 2003) and Christian Engineers
    fellowship (in 2007).
  • ~ This year was their very first year to arrange our Professional Colleges Students
This ministry needs your prayers. Terrorism continues to grow in Pakistan. The world’ s view is starting to seep into the church there and they continue to fight false teachings and the occult. Please pray for God’ s strength for this amazing ministry.


The Pakistan Fellowship of Evangelical Students is a Christian students fellowship that reaches out and serves college and university students. They were started in 1956 by Joseph H. Good of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Jhelum.

They have continued to grow and now serve in 10 cities throughout Pakistan. They lead Bible Study groups in different areas and churches around the country and provide leadership training programs for students and arrange summer camps. They are reaching out to almost fifteen hundred students with more than nineteen Bible Study groups spreading the love of the One True God and salvation through Jesus Christ.

They have seen God's hand in the physical and spiritual development of the Fellowship. This ministry forms Bible Study groups in different areas, where students meet on a weekly basis to study the word of God. These Small Bible Study groups help to provide the friendship of like-minded people which lasts for a long time. They also arrange get-togethers, training programs, and summer camps.


These are just a very few of the amazing stories that we would like to share:
  • Rev. Azhar Mushtaq
  • Rev. Azhar Mushtaq was our student leader and decided to serve the Lord through ordained ministry. He did his Master’ s of Divinity through the seminary and is now serving the Lord in Lahore.
  • Shazil Khan
  • Shazil Khan is a student from Rawalpindi working at the Barin Law. This year, he attended our Professional College Students Conference. He commented at the end of the conference, ‘ I never opened the Bible in my life, but I have now promised God that I will be a worshiper from now on.
  • Naseem Amir
  • Naseem Amir from Gujranwala attended our General Camp. He said, ‘ It was really a blissful camp for me, I have learned a lot and my life was totally changed in this Camp. I gave my life to Jesus.
  • Azeem Alphonas
  • Azeem Alphonas was a member of our Bible Study group in Rawalpindi. God changed his life through the PFES Bible study group. He is now a worker at Forman Christian College as an Assistant Professor in the English Department.

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