Bazaar Catalog Gifts That Are Needed But Often Overlooked

Bazaar Catalog Gifts That Are Needed But Often Overlooked

Bazaar Catalog Gifts That Are Needed But Often Overlooked

Imagine sending your child to school but learning her teacher wasn’t being paid. Or your child was unable to brush his teeth before bed because your family couldn’t afford a toothbrush. Or finding out you qualify for a job but must submit the application online—and you lacked access to a computer.

These are common issues the urban poor may face but are needs that can be met through a gift listed in the bazaar catalog. Any gift given from Oakseed’s catalog this holiday season will change the lives of the urban poor but we wanted to highlight gifts that sometimes get missed but are essential to daily life.


Fountain of Life Christian School: Teacher salary

Teachers at FLCS are paid less than public school teachers; the teachers who come to FCLS are dedicated to Christian education. This gift blesses a teacher with a full month’s salary.

Jars of Oil Mission Africa: School fees for aids orphans

Your gift will provide an orphan with the required fees to attend school. Many orphans are forced to drop out of school because they cannot afford these fees.

JEAME: Food care packages

Your gift will provide newly released detainees and their families with food, meeting a crucial need as they find employment.

Kenya Needy Orphans and Children: Basic hygiene supplies

KNOC provides hygiene supply packages to students at retreats and through tutors. Packages include toothbrushes, soap, masks, and feminine hygiene supplies. Without these supplies students may not be able to attend school.

Light of the World: Technology equipment for children’s mentoring program

Your gift will be used to purchase technology equipment to teach computer skills, submit applications, print paperwork, and access educational resources.

Love Link: Medical gear for staff

Your gift will provide resources to distribute medicine and vitamins at community outreach days and to perform laboratory work on malnourished children.

Love Never Fails: Pastoral training course at Bible college

Love Never Fails teaches a special course at the local Bible college to train pastors on how to integrate women who have left prostitution into their churches.

Morning Light: Income-generation training and business loans

Morning Light provides training and small business loans to impoverished women. Previous recipients are now providing for their families by selling clothing or food at the market.


Consider meeting the basic needs of the urban poor through one of these overlooked but needed gifts.

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