Helping to Care for Young Women and Children in Bolivia

Bolivia is the poorest republic in South America. Women here have inferior rights and are often discriminated against. Many women resort to prostitution and working on the streets to even make a living. Conditions are precarious at best and very risky. The social problems are aggravated by the mere fact that they are women.

“The purpose of creating Mosoj Yan was that the love of God and His righteousness would come into the lives of these women concretely, covering their basic needs and that the message of the love of Christ would restore their lives."

Oakseed's Impact

This amazing ministry helps females with:

~School support and health care
~Supplying food
~Technical training
~Prevention of social risks through consumption and trafficking of drugs, violence, and bullying
~Education in Christian values
~Psychological, social, and spiritual support to children, adolescents, and mothers with families.

Today, the ministry is run by the Executive Director and Legal Representative, Mario Iriarte Encinas, along with the center’ s dedicated staff.

Oakseed has partnered with Mosoj Yan by offering them funding for school support, food supplies, technical training, and the prevention of social risks. Lives and families have been changed by the love of God.

Through the loving care and support from Oakseed, Mosoj Yan has plans for their future as they rely on God for all things. They would like to be able to reach more children and adolescents through evangelical Christian churches in the departmental scope of Cochabamba and reach three other departments of Bolivia in the following years.

In the case of the Hostel, where we serve victims of sexual violence, they would like to have a property in better condition, sell what they currently own, and build elsewhere.

"The main goal of Mosoj Yan is for all of the children and adolescents that come to them to have a change of life in Christ."


Margareth Anderson, an evangelical Christian missionary from Scotland, lived in Bolivia for many years. Upon observing the living conditions of many girls and young women on the street, she was incredibly moved and challenged by their plight and proposed the Center as a response to the incredible need. There was a clear lack of attention to the female population. There were clinics and centers to help boys and males but there was no institution for the female population in these conditions. In response, Margareth founded the Center for Working Girls "Mosoj Yan", which means “New Way,” offering young women a new way or a new life with new choices.

Since 1991, the New Way ministry has worked with over 14,000 girls and women in Bolivia.

Mosoj Yan is located in the Central Zone of the City of Cochabamba. They focus on the:
  • Children and adolescents in the peri-urban areas of the city of Cochabamba
  • Adolescents and young mothers living on the streets of the Central Zone of Cochabamba
  • Adolescent victims of sexual violence throughout the Department of Cochabamba.


So many amazing girls have been helped by this wonderful organization! Let us introduce a few of them to you:
  • Meet L.V:
  • L.V. is 16 years old. She started drinking alcohol when she was 14 years and was 15 when she started taking drugs with her friends. Thanks to a close friend on the street, L.V. was introduced to Mosoj Yan. The center taught her about God and she accepted Him into her heart.

    Mosoj Yan helped L.V. in many ways. She is now able to choose between good and bad friendships. She has stayed in school and now wants to go to college. “I love Mosoj Yan very much; thank you very much for everything.”
  • Now, meet Beatriz:
  • Beatriz is 14 years old. She used to live in poverty in an adobe house with her mom and grandmother. Beatriz studied until she reached the 3rd grade. She then started working when she was 7 years old. Her grandmother would beat her. When she was older, she ran away from home to live in Tapacarí to further her education; but in January 2014, she was raped.

    She ran from the experience, and became a kid on the streets. She was living in Sacaba when she arrived at the home ‘ Mother of God’ . There she found out that she was pregnant. The workers of Mother of God introduced her to Mosoj Yan in August 2014.

    “When my baby was born, I was happy. Before, I was poorly educated and here I have completely changed. Now I get along well with everyone. I have received a lot of care and support from the teachers. I have been introduced to the Word of God. For the future, I want to study textiles, nursery school, and be able to continue forward.”
  • This is Neyla:
  • Neyla is 13 years old and in the eighth grade. She came to the shelter when her public advocate brought after being sexually abused by her dad. Arriving with her sister, Paola, she was ashamed to say what her father had done to her. She does not like to remember to this day and prefers to forget. While at the center, Neyla has learned many things such as cooking and baking. She had workshops on self-esteem, values, what it is to be a woman, the difference between a leader and leadership, and how to face fears.

    “What I like is that it made me raise my self-esteem; I learned to think of others. Now I have several friends. I have also changed my character. Before I answered with bad words and fought. I don’ t do that anymore. I have also learned about the love of God. Now I feel more secure, happier and more confident in the things that I do.”

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