Bazaar Story: MISIUR

Bazaar Story: MISIUR

Bazaar Story: MISIUR


(Lima, Peru) 

No one can be prepared for bad news, including Jenny Rojas, mother of MISIUR participant Ccori Perez. Rojas learned her husband needed surgery for a brain tumor, but instead of succumbing to fear, she kept her eyes fixed on Jesus–and MISIUR devotions played a role in encouraging her faith.

“Thank you for the biblical reflections because they help me a lot in keeping my faith and moving forward,” Rojas said. As she walks through this hardship, she trusts the Lord to strengthen her and heal her spouse.

MISIUR improves the quality of life for poor children and their families in Peru through comprehensive spiritual and physical care.


Nine-year-old Bruss Sajami and his family lived in an unstable housing situation, renting a room month to month. Often these rental buildings are overcrowded and aren’t well maintained resulting in cold temperatures indoors during the winter. Through the financial support of Oakseed for a prefabricated house, Bruss’ family enjoys stable housing and can focus on other family needs.


Pray for the Lord to build strong families centered around the Bible and participation in the local church.


In addition to prayer, here are tangible ways to provide for MISIUR as they minister to these families 

  • Biblical teaching materials for children: Your gift will provide materials for children’s Bible lessons. 
  • Children’s vitamins and medicine: Your gift will provide vitamins, deworming tablets, bandages, and medications such as antibiotic cream and pain relievers to children in slums.
  • Home for an impoverished family: Families in the slums live in shacks made of cardboard from food packages, tarps, and tin sheets. The dirt floors become muddy in the rain. Your gift will provide a family with a prefabricated home with brick walls, concrete floors, windows, and a solid roof.
  • Where most needed:Your gift will bless MISIUR with the resources to serve impoverished families in the slum community.

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