Ministry Update: Teen Ministry (Egypt)

Ministry Update: Teen Ministry (Egypt)

Ministry Update: Teen Ministry (Egypt)

An update from Teen Ministry last month:

Our daughter is volunteering in a cancer research program at the biggest hospital in Cairo. She was on her lunch break when she was approached by a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer who has two sons, ages eight & ten years old.

Our daughter prayed with her, and the mother’s heart was melted before the Lord. She expressed so much hunger to know God. She lives in another city five hours away from the hospital and had no place or money to stay in Cairo. Our daughter got us her contacts, and Teen Ministry stepped in to help.

We helped her find a place to stay and gave her an MP3 with the Bible on it because neither the mother nor her children could read or write. The mother and her children have been listening to the word of God non-stop.

It seems that God has given us seeds to sow in another area in the future. It’s a beautiful picture of how God won’t forget this lady even when she lands in the middle of nowhere.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for this woman and her sons to come to faith in the God of all comfort and hope. Give thanks for the ways the Lord is using Teen Ministry to raise up believers who are equipped and eager to share the gospel and pray for continued generational fruit among their girls and young women.