Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

In addition to an update on the gardens, Semear’s director also shared a recent encouragement they received. 

Last month, we had a very good surprise. Our students who attend a local municipal school presented a project on our gardens.We went to honor the presentations, as this is a special seminar that marks the children’s transition from elementary to high school.

We spent a very pleasant morning at school, and, to our surprise, were honored as a project at the end of the activities!

How important it is to receive positive feedback on our actions.One of the responses that most impressed us was the speech of a teacher who said she was able to recognize the students who attend our project by the way they are behaving at school.

Thank you so much to everyone who supports us and participates with us on this journey.


This month we completed the restructuring of the CTA-18 vegetable garden, which included placing bricks on the edges of the beds and stones on the paths.

This was only possible thanks to our partnership with the Zion church.Now children’s feet will not get muddy during agroecological activities.


After a month of vacation, we came back with everything at the Mandelinha garden club. We redid some vertical beds, set up shelters for solitary bees, and harvested 130 lettuce plants that were sold at the Baptist church in Granja Vianna and donated to the Ruama project in Carapicuiba.

Núcleo Bolha

The core garden is very productive and our first strawberries are already starting to be tasted. We had a charity dinner at the Núcleo space, and our cabbages and greens were added to the menu!

Jd. Panorama

The Panorama garden vegetable patch is prettier now that we have a beautiful mural painted right in front of it! We also had the pleasure of receiving missionary Victor from Senegal for training on how we run our project here. It is a joy to be able to share with others what and how we do as our mission.


Prayer Points

  • The services in partnership with Zion church at the headquarters of the community association of Jd. Panorama are already a frequent event that is very well received and expected by the families in the community. Please pray for the Lord to draw the community to faith in Him and fellowship and discipleship in His church.
  • After noticing that several children in their community were struggling, Semear hosted a party and several volunteer service projects last month, including cleaning and revitalizing the home of a family from their gardens. Please pray for the Lord to continue to grow gospel relationships between Semear and their community.
  • A concern for Semear is that armed police action has grown considerably in the last two months. According to residents, this is due to the non-official non-payment that drug trafficking makes for the police not to intervene in the day-to-day life of the community. Please pray for peace and justice in these communities and for the protection of Semear’s participants and volunteers.
  • We are looking for a new missionary to increase our staff so that we can handle the new projects we have taken on, including an after-school center in the community next to the Jd. Panorama, an exclusive hostel for transvestites, and possibly the CENA mission that will reopen its therapeutic community and court in the cracolândia.