Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

An update on the gardens at Semear’s many projects:

CTA – 18

Every time we have something new to pick from the garden, the day becomes super special. This time we harvest sweet passion fruit! Most children had never tried this fruit before and it was love at first bite. CTA had some budget cuts and we are studying how to increase our contribution to keep the garden full.

Planting flowers at CTA-18.


We had a class on stingless bees with Carina from Zum Zum Verde to prepare the group for the installation of a meliponary in the community center. We take inputs to Mr. Sivaldo and next month we will be selling your products again at the Baptist church. We also had another capoeira class and a wonderful lunch bought from a family in the community.

Núcleo Bolha

The Nucleus had a fundraising event and all the salad for that dinner was provided by our garden! We were also able to distribute our surpluses to the children’s families, helping families to improve the nutritional quality of their meals. Weekly sport classes have been helping children to improve their motor skills.

Checking out the bees at Núcleo Bolha.

Jd. Panorama

The garden at Jardim Panorama is being taken care of by three women from the community who work in our project and the harvests are open to all interested parties. In the neighboring community, in partnership with FAZ, our new vegetable garden, which is taken care of by the project’s children, is taking shape. This month we will implement a worm farm and next month we will plant tempros and medicinal herbs in a vertical garden.

Harvest at Jd. Panorama.

Prayer Points:

  • We’ve had a very challenging month. Lots of violence in the Jd. Panorama community, including police violence against a staff member. We also had a lot of interference from traffic. We are seeking help from psychologists and social workers to train our team on how to deal with this reality and we will also offer mentorship to the missionary Diego so that he does not absorb all the problems alone.

  • On the other hand, we had a mother’s day event at the community headquarters with praise and a beautiful message that impacted many families. Praise our Lord.