Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

Ministry Update: Semear (Brazil)

February update from Semear

Please pray for the Lord to use these interactions to bring His gospel of peace and hope to this vulnerable population!

CTA – 18 Location

In addition to the collective harvests that we do fortnightly with the children, guests and employees visit the garden daily to collect specific items such as medicinal teas and spices. Our peppers started producing and it was the most wanted item this month.

Mandelinha Location

 This year, we started to buy the snacks we offer for children directly from the families in the community. This is very good because in this way we contribute even more to families in vulnerable situations. This year, in addition to the activities with the children, we will be helping to set up new mini gardens in the community. This month, we started the first attempt with Willian’s family.

Núcleo Bolha Location

We are slowly renovating the garden and the children are already enjoying the improvements! Little pebbles on the paths are allowing children to visit the garden if they get their feet dirty with mud. With this, we can have more activities in the garden without compromising the work of cleaning the space.

Panorama Location

Jonas, our local helper, is more and more in tune and confident with the work in the garden every month. The community has been frequenting the site a lot and we are already thinking about ways to increase productivity to meet the demand. Demand is mainly for spices and medicines. Our peppers began to produce, becoming a favorite too.