Ministry Update: Kenya Needy Orphans and Children (Kenya)

Ministry Update: Kenya Needy Orphans and Children (Kenya)

Ministry Update: Kenya Needy Orphans and Children (Kenya)

An update from Kenya Needy Orphans and Children:

First, we would like to thank the Lord for the 2023, Bazaar gift that we have received. We were able to buy basic hygiene products for the needy and orphaned students and food baskets for those in day schools during our recent visit to the schools. We have also purchased a used van from the gift, which enabled us to visit the students. The van has made it easy for us to achieve part of our ministry objective, which includes visiting the students at their homes and in school.

The month of March saw us visit the students in school. Most of these students are in schools across the country, some in boarding schools and others in day schools. Our visit enabled us to encourage the students who have believed in the Gospel to keep on living for Christ and His glory and also for those who are yet to believe we had the opportunity to proclaim the good news to them.

From our visit, we have been able to realize that most of our students are struggling spiritually as well as academically. Our main objective is the spiritual well-being of these students. We were not only able to counsel them and give them practical remedies towards actively disciplining themselves and attending to the means of grace available to them, such as personal Bible reading and prayer for those in boarding schools but also consistently attending church services for those in day school.

The students will be coming for their annual Teen’s retreat in April from the 26th to the 28th. We hope to make follow-ups and also have other KNOC board members aid in guiding them and not only in their spiritual welfare but also in their academics. We are in constant communication with their parents and their churches in our efforts to help the students spiritually.

Prayer Points:

Please pray that the Lord would be pleased to save those students who are yet to come to faith and would grant grace to them to be diligent in attending to the various means of grace available to them. Pray also for the Lord to give fruit of repentance and faith from the April retreat.


Left to right: Deacon Omia, Mrs. Karoney (Christine’s teacher), student Christine, and Deacon Ochieng


Student Trizer


Left to right: Deacon Ochieng, student Kelvin, and Deacon Omia