Bazaar Story: Love Never Fails

Bazaar Story: Love Never Fails

Bazaar Story: Love Never Fails


(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) 

When Seble left a life of prostitution and placed her faith in Jesus, she expected those first steps to be the hardest. But when a local church told her to not return because they didn’t’ want their church to be known as a church of prostitutes, she was heartbroken. Many women like Seble face this same challenge. In response to this rampant issue, Love Never Fails provides pastoral training to educate and equip local pastors to help their churches embrace women leaving prostitution and integrate them into the church body.

Love Never Fails decreases the spread of HIV/AIDS and frees women from a life of prostitution. In addition, the ministry offers both income-generating activities for prostitutes and educational support for children so that vulnerable women and children have job skills to become self-sufficient.


“I am thankful to see those who had no hope filled with hope and those who were crying, smiling. I believe that the joy and gladness of heart are gifts from God. When I see those we help smiling it feels as if my heart jumps with joy,” said Frew Tegene, director of Love Never Fails.


Pray that men and women with AIDS would come to know the compassion of Christ and be comforted in body and soul by Jesus.


In addition to prayer, here are tangible ways to provide for Love Never Fails as they minister to women in their community 

  • Bible in local language: Love Never Fails recipients speak Amharic or Oromia. Your gift will provide a copy of the Bible in her native language. 
  • Microloans for women: Providing women with a new means to earn an income frees women from a life of prostitution. Your gift will provide a microloan to a woman to start a business such as selling food or clothing.
  • Pastoral training course at Bible college: Love Never Fails teaches a special course at the local Bible college to train pastors on how tot integrate women who have left prostitution into their churches.
  • Health and sanitary resources: Your gift will provide bandages, antiseptic cream, feminine hygiene products, soap, and toothbrushes as staff minister door-to-door to men and women suffering from HIV/AIDS.
  • Where most needed:Your gift will provide resources to meet the critical needs of women leaving prostitution and to individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS.

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