Saving the Lives of Babies and Children Deemed Too Ill for the Hospitals to Help

Deep in the heart of San Salvador resides a ministry full of love and hope. Love Link Inc. (Fundacion Vinculo de Amor) is all about healing little ones. Making babies and children well is what they do. They give hope to the hopeless by healing those children that the hospitals cannot save. Malnutrition is a serious problem in Sal Salvador and Love Link Inc. is here to help any child in need. Their love and determination to save every child that crosses their path makes them a true force for God in this war-torn land.

Stephany After August 8. 2016

This is easy to believe as miracles do happen every day at Love Link Inc. God is the ultimate healer here and this ministry relies on Him for all things. It is estimated by the Ministry of Health and the pediatric hospital directors in San Salvador that 80-85% of the babies that Love Link Inc. has healed would have died or led a very low quality of life if not for this amazing ministry.

Most of the children that arrive at their doors are terribly sick. The compassion of this ministry is to fight their hardest to save every life.

“The whole ministry belongs to God. We do have concerns, but God simply directs our paths. We have realized over the years how much God truly loves His children.”

Love Link Inc. usually maintains between six to ten babies daily with babies being released and accepted during the month. Babies usually arrive by ambulance, hospital, police, walk-ins or a friendly neighbor. There will always be malnourished children in the world and this ministry says that they must be ready to meet the demand. They have enough beds in their center for 30 babies. The maximum number of babies housed at one time was 25 babies. The demand pushes them to do their best and remember that God is in charge.

Oakseed has worked with this amazing ministry for a long time, helping through funding and prayers. This ministry is in need of funds through donors like you. They are also asking for prayers as they find more staff to help them along their way and for the continued care of the children they serve faithfully.


Sam and Julie Hawkins lead this ministry. Since opening their doors several years ago, Love Link Inc. has saved the lives of countless children from all over El Salvador to as far away as Honduras. Desperate parents bring their weakened children, sickened by malnutrition, to this clinic where a professional team works their hardest to heal each and every one. This tireless team consists of a doctor, pediatric nurse, nutritionist, Bible teacher and dedicated volunteers who rush to save the lives of these very ill little ones.

“We are the link between the babies and our God.”


  • Meet little Sandro:
  • One of the staff of Love Link Inc. found this little one being bottle fed by a teenage girl in a government orphanage. They knew that the girl didn’ t really know what she was doing but was trying to help the little boy. Looking into Sandro’ s eyes, they could see the death look that they had witnessed before on countless babies’ faces. Love Link Inc. received immediate permission from the orphanage director to take little Sandro home with them. Upon further examination, Sandro was six months old and weighed six pounds.

    Today, after the healing administrations of Love Link Inc., little Sandro is a healthy child who has gone on to be adopted by loving parents and has a bright future.

  • Little Mercedes is also a living miracle from God:
  • Mercedes was three years old and weighed ten pounds when Love Link Inc. first met her. It was hard to see how a little one in such a condition could survive. Despite her malnutrition, Mercedes also had Cerebral Palsy. Her family, or whoever had charge over her, had allowed her to become malnourished because they did not want her to survive.

    In this culture, as in others across the globe, when a child needs constant care, cannot walk and will never support themselves, they are generally left to die.

    This was Love Link Inc.’ s first case and they felt that God was showing them what He felt about it. God clearly displayed the value in this child. This three-year-old needed love and care and God showed them how to care for her. The love came very simply as this little one loved the staff and they loved her.

    Through careful love and attention, Mercedes gained weight rapidly. Her health was restored. She knew that she had value.

  • And then there is little Laura:
  • Her parents entered the Love Link Inc. clinic one afternoon, after hours. The clinic was closed but they entered anyway. The ministry never says that they are closed to anyone and so listened to the parents as they described what had happened. Both parents looked to be in great anguish as they told their story.

    Their eleven-month-old baby girl had surgery at the local pediatric hospital. She had remained in the hospital for most of her eleven months. She could not absorb food. She could not gain weight. Her mother had stayed with little Laura the entire time while in the hospital. Her parents finally left the hospital carrying Laura in their arms. She was eleven months old and weighed eight pounds. As they slowly walked down the street, they noticed the Love Link Inc. logo and decided to see what the clinic could do.

    Upon examining Laura, the clinic was startled at the extent of her malnutrition. They wanted to help her but her parents refused to let her stay at the clinic. They wanted to take their daughter home to die. The mother gave the doctor a note that she had received from the hospital. The letter was written by some department head in the pediatric section of the hospital. It read, “Dear Señor and Señora, we have done all we can for your daughter. Please take her home.” Short and sweet - take your daughter home to die.

    After reassuring the parents that their little one was not going to die, they finally agreed to let her stay the clinic and left crying. Laura was given a room and her treatment began. The first week saw no improvement. They experimented with different formulas until they found one that worked. After the end of two weeks, Laura had improved so much that it was hard to tell she was malnourished. They scheduled for the parents’ return. When the mother saw baby Laura, she barely recognized her. It is that nano-second from despair to delight that rewards the staff and they thanked the Lord for saving Laura. To God goes the Glory. The mother now brings Laura to the clinic about twice a year. Laura really loves the staff. She is now seven years old and a beautiful child.

  • Omar was a different case:
  • It is usually Love Link Inc.’ s mission to accept babies up to two years old with third-grademalnutrition. There is a good reason for doing this. But when Omar came to them, he was eight years old and weighed 19 pounds. Omar was the worst case of malnutrition they had ever seen! He had grown into his malnutrition so he was still able to function. After days of extensive feeding, Omar recovered and is now looking quite handsome. His hair has now turned from blonde to that black that it was intended to be.

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