Loving the Children that the World Rejects

Living Tree Foster Home is located in Yanjiao, Sanhe, HeBei province, China. They serve abandoned orphans with severe cerebral palsy in China. Many children with disabilities are left to die in China. This ministry finds these children and cares for them to give them happy lives. These beautiful children are God’ s special blessings and this amazing ministry dedicates their time and love to ensure abandoned children have a home and family to love. This wonderful ministry provides a home-like shelter for abandoned orphans with severe cerebral palsy who are rarely adopted into families.

Oakseed's Impact

Oakseed has helped Living Tree Foster Home since 2004 with much-needed prayers and financial support. God is faithful in providing for all their needs in terms of financial support, professional support (PT, OT, ST, special education), medical support, spiritual feeding, even though in most cases, they don’ t know where or how to ask for help; the support they need the most just comes in time.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers:

Living Tree Foster Home needs your prayers now more than ever. The kids they have fostered for over 10 years come from all over the country, as they have been providing cross-province foster care for those severely disabled orphans. However, 3 years ago, the new regulation issued that no cross-province foster care was allowed any more. They are facing the pressure of sending kids back to their original orphanage run by the local government, even though those kids have been living at Living Tree for almost 10 years or more, and already regard Living Tree as their real home on earth and the caretakers as their family.


Living Tree Foster Home began in 2002, when its founder met a little boy, Pang Pang, at a state welfare orphanage. She wrote:

“He was around three or four years old with severe cerebral palsy. When the worker there put him in my arms from a pile of ragged clothes, I felt that he was as small and bony as a stick. His face was pale, and his innocent eyes reminded me of a wounded pigeon. His face was completely emotionless and I could see him touching his tongue with teeth, which was the only way he could feel his existence. He placed his little hand close to his eyes and kept staring at it; I think that was his only toy throughout the entire three years. A rehabilitation center opened in Fang Shan for children with cerebral palsy. I took Pang Pang there to go through a two-week rehabilitation training program. He grew and thrived during those two weeks. But when the training time was up, I had no idea how to take the next step.

I have always loved these kids wholeheartedly but I was constantly bothered by one question:
‘How exactly can I help them? Simply feed them, change diapers and carry them in my arms?’

I couldn’ t help but ask myself over and over again: ‘What on earth are you doing? Is this meaningful and valuable?’ Suddenly, I heard a voice in my heart talking to me: ‘ If you were Pang Pang, would you consider this meaningful and valuable?’ The precious teaching in the Bible immediately came to my mind: ‘ Do to others as you would have them do to you’(Luke 6:31). Tears streamed down my face and I felt strength in me as if all the dark clouds in my sky were gone.

Pang Pang grew attached to me every day. One day, my friend Dou Dou (Wang Xinwei) came to visit me with a five-month-old little girl with cerebral palsy, whom she had brought from an orphanage. We knew that it was time for us to establish a home for these abandoned kids. Using all of her savings, Dou Dou bought a house at Yan Jiao and we moved to the new home. This was the establishment of Living Tree Foster Home.

Since the start of this mission, I experienced the most ugly, dark, and cruel side of human kind as well as its most beautiful, bright, and lovely side. We are truly blessed. The strength of an individual is very limited, but there were many kind people who helped us and constantly sent us clothes, milk powder, and other necessities. In addition, we also gained support from many organizations. Living Tree is growing and developing under the protection of countless people and the love of God. Miracles happen wherever love is found.

Today, the ministry is run by two dynamic ladies, Faith Wang Qin and Tina Kou, who serve together alongside 20 dedicated staff, hundreds of loving volunteers from churches, universities, and the community. They have served hundreds of orphans with cerebral palsy. Their organization is composed of Living Tree Foster Home and Living Tree Rehabilitation and Education Center.

Even though the kids are suffering from disabilities, they have melted the hearts of many people with their beautiful lives. Their innocent smiles and tenacity attract volunteers from all over China and foreign countries each year. These volunteers include neighbors, scholars, merchants, students, and others from various social backgrounds. Attracted by love, these people come to visit these adorable kids and help them in a variety of ways.

God has used these little kids, who have been abandoned by their parents and the rest of the world, to bless many individuals, families, churches, and communities. By receiving and spreading love and positive energy, they are guiding people to find the source of true love.

"Our mission is to help and accompany the children with cerebral palsy and give them love, acceptance, dignity, happiness, and opportunities through the love and acceptance of God, combined with rehabilitation and education. We want to experience and witness the amazing grace of God together."

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