Bazaar Story: Lily of the Valleys

Bazaar Story: Lily of the Valleys

Bazaar Story: Lily of the Valleys


(Catanduva, Brazil) 

As a young adult with a mild cognitive disability, Julia was easy prey to those offering her cigarettes and alcohol. She lacked the protection of family and friends from these dangers and quickly became addicted to nicotine and alcohol.

Years later, Julia arrived at Lily of the Valleys with severe speech and hearing problems. Through therapy, counseling, and Bible studies, she experienced freedom from addiction and started to talk and laugh again. Julia even discovered a love for singing in the church. Her life has been transformed by the power of the gospel and her church provides a shield of protection from relapsing back into a life of addiction.

Through Lily of the Valleys Bible-based residential drug and alcohol care program, women like Julia escape the prison of addiction and find freedom in Christ.


Lily of the Valleys emphasizes the gospel in treatment programs believing only an encounter with Jesus can free addicts from spiritual and physical bondage. Women like Julia leave healed from addiction and decide to follow Jesus.


Pray that the gospel will transform women who complete the four-month rehabilitation program and that they will remain sober upon returning home.


In addition to prayer, here are tangible ways to provide for Lily of the Valleys as they minister to these women 

  • Bible for woman in rehab: Your gift will bless a woman with her own Bible. Women are given Bibles and attend studies and group discussions. 
  • New dress and shoes: Each graduate is given a new dress and shoes as a graduation gift. For many women, this is the first new dress they have owned and provides a professional outfit for job interviews.
  • New towels, bedding, and linen: Your gift will welcome participants for the addiction program with new towels, bedding, and linen.
  • Gift toward purchase of laptop computer: Your gift will be used toward the purchase of a laptop computer for office use, job and housing searches, and paperwork.
  • Where most needed: Your gift will be used where it is most needed to help the women participating in gospel-based addiction treatment.  

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