Rehabilitating Women Through the love of God

Drugs are a national problem in Brazil. Illegal substances are constantly shipped into the country and are also grown here. Drug cartels and illegal drug operations are rapidly bombarding society in every class, from the very rich on down to the extremely poor. Added to this epidemic is the rapid rise of HIV/AIDS and syphilis. Women have limited choices in life here. Many fall prey to drugs as a means to escape their reality. Under such dark circumstances, it is a blessing to see ministries step up to the mark and battle these addictions and diseases head-on.

In Catanduva, Brazil, there a ministry is helping girls and women escape and heal from their addictions. By bringing the healing love of Jesus Christ to women who have fallen prey to illegal drugs and disease, they are set free from the bondage of sin. These women have fallen through the cracks of society and Lilies of the Valley works hard to save these girls from destruction.


Lilies of the Valley was founded in 1983, when Lourdes Maria da Silva felt the call from the Lord after a bitter experience with the underworld. She was living a marginalized life with nothing to her name when the Lord called her into this ministry. She answered the call in a big way! Through her faith, she stepped up and into the unknown, trusting that God would light her path. The Lord definitely did and has been blessing the Lilies of the Valley ever since. Today, Lourdes Maria runs the ministry with the aid of a very dedicated board of directors and an experienced team of workers comprised of social workers, a psychologist, nurse, chaplains, and volunteers. Each one is committed fully to the cause of pulling women free of their addictions and healing them spiritually thus forever changing their lives for the better.

“We have wonderful help from the therapeutic community in our area, which is helping Lilies to provide full and complete expert treatment to these terribly damaged girls and women.”

Through the healing power of Jesus, Lilies of the Valley models everything according to God’s Grace and Mercy! He is their ultimate Healer and they rely on Him for all things!

Since 1992, Lilies of the Valley has helped over 3,000 women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

They help over 150 women annually. The residents here have their days filled with Bible study, and craft projects and are then given the opportunity to sell their merchandise to make a small income.

What We Do

Lilies of the Valley is a ministry that cares for thousands of women recovering from addiction by engaging them in alternative and innovative rehabilitation programs involving medical care, Bible studies, baking, sewing, and work in their Rehabilitation Garden where they grow food for the program. This ministry is amazing in the help they offer! Their therapies emphasize spirituality because without Jesus, and without the introduction to the Word of God, full treatment would be in vain.

“Our organization’s name derives from Jesus and the reminder that even in the deepest of valleys, the Lord will lift you up and carry you through.”

Oakseed's Impact

Oakseed has been partnered with Lilies of the Valley since 1994, and has provided endless prayer as well as monetary funding to help Lilies of the Valley maintain and grow their ministry.

Through the next few years, this ministry plans to grow and expand for God’s use and purposes. They are looking for professionally trained and highly motivated Christians who are able to do the very challenging jobs at Lilies. There is also a serious need for more involvement of the evangelical churches.

Please pray for Lilies of the Valley in these areas. They are also seeking for prayer for:
  • Financial help to build their new House of Teens.
  • Professional evangelical staff to work in the therapeutic community and in the new House of Teens.
  • Also, for prayer to be able to take over the house for pregnant adolescents that was
    being run by Catholic nuns.
This beautiful ministry goes boldly into the murky waters of addiction and sin to shine the light of Jesus Christ and save as many for His glory as they can. They are strong in their purpose yet full of compassion for these women that God has brought to their doorstep.

Lilies Of The Valley