Helping and Changing Lives through Christ

Brazil is rife with poverty and children are put to work at an early age. São Paulo, Brazil is a crowded city with a population of over eleven million people. Violence is prevalent here. Armed robbery is commonplace and many families want to leave just to provide a safe place for their kids to grow. Drugs are also a huge problem and many youths get pulled into the lure of the addiction. JEAME ministries tries to help as many kids as they can by serving street kids and drug-addicted youth with a safe haven in the city, hot meals, education, and a variety of outreach programs.

JEAME holds vigils with prayer walks in Cracolândia on the third Friday of each month, covering over 22 acres and lasting 5 hours. They pray for those who are on the streets, hugging them, and offering an opportunity to leave the streets. This is a unique opportunity for evangelical churches to see the need for urban missions with a joint action with JEAME. These vigils powerfully renew the love for Jesus and for the many, many lost souls on São Paulo’ s streets. This brings a vision of the Kingdom of God in prayer and partnership with other missions and churches.

They also have a recovery program titled Encounter with God that runs from Thursday to Sunday (4 days) with boys or girls who are in drug treatment in recovery houses. Each meeting is a miracle. God moves people from all over to come and help.

JEAME also works with the Foundation House (government institution that houses adolescents in conflict with the law) reaching all units in the capital of São Paulo. JEAME reaches about a thousand teens per week.

Oakseed's Impact

Oakseed has partnered with JEAME since 1994. They have been working together for more than 23 years and have managed to survive through many different crises. They have reached thousands of children, teenagers, and adults at risk. In 2015 alone, Oakseed’ s donations helped JEAME to purchase non-perishable food for seven Encounters with God events which strengthened and motivated more than 480 young adults to continue to abstain from drugs and alcohol and to surrender their lives completely to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Ways to help JEAME

The need is great here and the work overwhelming, yet so rewarding. Currently, JEAME is looking for a new building to expand their ministry. With the implementation of a larger facility, they would be able to expand "Papo de Responsa", their school for the poor. Also, they would be able to expand their “Papo Child and Adolescents Program”. They would run Development Workshops Phase II, offering education on the illusion of drugs, crime control, life-changing dynamics, Value of the Person, Jesus' model of liberating love, Elementary School level studies, Computers, Cutting and Sewing, finding a job, and Visual Arts (such as graphic arts). Also they would like to offer workshops on: Power Beyond, bathing, donating clothes, and referrals to programs in partnership aimed at rehabilitation. This new space would also be used for the operations rooms of other JEAME programs; coordination of Evangelization in the House Foundation; monitoring the rehabilitees with discipleship groups, visits, emotional and spiritual healing retreats; and rooms for cafeteria, bathrooms and to receive donations of clothing and other gifts.

Their future projects include: creating a Female Home to support pregnant, rehabilitated girls and women, to create a center for teens to break the hold of drugs, and to reopen the Home of Street Children.

JEAME needs your prayers now more than ever! Heavy on their hearts are:
  • Financial support for their full-time missionaries.
  • These missionaries work tirelessly to bring the Word of God to as many as they can reach
    for little or no pay.
  • Prayer for their teens, family, and staff of the Fundação Casa
  • Prayer for the children, adolescents, and young people at risk in the city of São Paulo;
  • Prayer for the board of the JEAME Ministry for wisdom and discernment of God's will for
    this time.


Since 1981, JEAME has ministered to the people on the streets. This ministry is a non-profit organization that works with children and teenagers living on the streets in downtown São Paulo and at the state shelter Fundação CASA (previously known as FEBEM). They specialize in child advocacy, child well-being, poverty, homelessness, drug abuse recovery, and leadership training.

“Our mission is to rescue, reintegrate, and rehabilitate those children and teenagers who are living in social risk conditions.”

This year, JEAME held evangelistic services for 904 adolescents in 17 units of the prison institution. Many lives accepted Jesus and were saved through the event!


  • Meet Igor:
  • Igor, a former burglar, met the JEAME Ministry within the Fundação Casa. He came from a very dysfunctional family and lived on the streets many years committing all sorts of crimes. Then he attended JEAME’ s "School Papo de Responsa" for one year. After a while, he had a son with his wife Ana Paula. A local pastor was moved by their story and provided a place for them to live. However, they did not resist the lure of drugs and criminal activity. They got so steeped in sin that they quit their home and left their baby with the pastor. After some time, one of the missionaries of JEAME met Igor in the street and embraced him with the love of God. This unconditional love changed Igor completely and after more than 6 years of follow-up, he decided to serve Jesus and was baptized. His wife did not want to accompany him and wished to remain in the streets. Igor went to live in the pastor's house with his son and maintain the discipleship with one of our missionaries - free from the drugs and criminal life.
  • Meet Luke:
  • After the separation of Luke's parents, he went to live in the region called "Cracolândia." This place has the notoriety of having the highest consumption of crack in the world. One afternoon, four of our missionaries were walking in "Cracolândia" with a foreigner, showing her one of our greatest challenges. One of our missionaries was carrying her guitar when a young man asked in loud voice, “Can I play the guitar?”

    Our missionary said that he could but only if it was a song for JESUS. To everyone’ s amazement, he played a gospel song splendidly. Several young men came around the group and sang together. Others asked to play and at the end, they spent about one hour there, worshiping God with songs of praises led by those people. Jesus definitely was there touching and pouring down his love! Before leaving, the missionaries handed out cards with JEAME’ s address and a word of love. From all of those young people, only Luke came to us the following day. After talking and reinforcing the need for a new life, he agreed to treatment and the workers sent him to an Addiction Recovery Program. He is now in the rehab house helping staff with other interns. Today, thanks to God, he is doing fine.
  • Meet Patricia:
  • Patricia is a young woman who lived in the street with her dog, "Booze", which was her only friend. She also attended the "School Papo de Responsa" for several years. Last year, she was living in "Cracolândia" and was six months pregnant. She looked for JEAME, and asked to be sent to a rehab house. When the baby was born, despite her desire to keep the baby, the judge decided that the child should go to a foster house. JEAME missionaries understood that the baby would suffer much less if he stayed with someone of her family, therefore they searched for Patricia’ s family and thanks to God, they found her brother. He took custody of the child. The judge upheld the baby’ s guardianship. Patricia is now living with her married brother and is looking after the baby as a good mother does. She remains and is currently being monitored by the JEAME Ministry.

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