Serving the Needy in India through the Power of God’s Love

For decades, India has experienced a high volume of people existing below the poverty line. Many children are neglected because their mothers cannot care for them. Many women and children are too poor to receive an education. The Hindu Militancy is strict and terrorism has increased. Violence is at an all-time high. Government agencies are corrupt and civil unrest is reaching volatile proportions. The prices of commodities are rising and communal diseases are running rampant. Yet the Jagat Ki Jyoti Ministry continues to serve the Lord faithfully in Nagpur.

Oakseed's Impact

Oakseed has been an integral part of Jagat Ki Jyoti from the beginning. By displaying their needs on this website and collecting financial support for people in need, prayer and networking, they have helped to grow and sustain the programs of Jagat Ki Jyoti as the ministry strives to help the struggling souls in India.

Through the support from Oakseed, they have been able to enlarge their churches as well as their Vocational Jobs Centers. They even constructed a two-story building on a leased plot, which now houses their church, office, children school, and vocational center.

With Oakseed’ s help, they have also constructed Light of the World Centers, a new church, children schools, and vocational centers in India.


This fascinating ministry was founded in 1994, as a few church leaders began to collect the interested youth and adults in the area to worship. They began humbly by teaching Bible stories, singing hymns, leading prayer as well as question and answers sessions. These meetings then grew into church services held outdoors because they did not have a property of their own. The Lord heard their prayers and their praises and grew them into the amazing ministry they are today. Through the years, they have baptized hundreds of brothers and sisters, ministering especially amongst the Neo-Buddhist communities. Through preaching the Gospel, teaching, and baptizing, they have spread the love and light of Jesus and changed lives forever.

Their Mission has always been to evangelize the city, district, state, and the nation while proclaiming the name of Jesus. This wonderful ministry serves the Lord on every spectrum. Through His grace they help those in India who are below the poverty line (those who are in need, and available to be served). They make it their mission in life to serve through faith and love.

Their programs provide:
  • Foundational education to poor students.
  • Vocational Training and Education for poor and less educated young women.
  • Computer education to youth, families, retail businesses, etc.

The faithful leaders are Senior Pastor Rudra Mohan Thakur, who has an M.Sc. In Technology, and Senior Pastor Ravi Chari, who has an extensive background in Software Engineering. They are joined by a caring staff comprised of pastors, missionaries, instructors, and volunteers to keep this ministry going and growing in a spiritually dark area of the world.

Jagat Ki Jyoti Ministries is headquartered at Nagpur (Maharashtra State) but their members also preach, teach, and participate in an inaugurate of other ministry units as well as attend seminars and crusades in other parts of the country, whether through churches or individual projects.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus is evident all around. Outstanding works have been witnessed by people here. Healing miracles are popular scenes in Prayer Cells, Church services and house visits. The list of God’ s manifested work is endless (whether in the financial arena, social arena, or in every walk of life).”

Healing and miracles abound here. God is blessing this ministry and making His presence abundantly felt! This ministry accredits everything to Jesus Christ and approaches everything with prayer and supplication. Through Fasting, Prayers and Prayer Chains, Prayer Walks, Encircling Areas with Praise Prayer, God answers the genuine prayers and blesses those who seek His will.

Jagat Ki Jyoti has big plans for its future! Through prayer and intercession, plans are underway for more prayer cells, care cells, seminars and crusades, as well as floats and processions. They are also developing Bible-based printed magazines and books to popularize the Gospel.

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