Changing lives through sports

Brazil is a violent country known for its robberies, illegal drugs, and other sinful activities. Many of its citizens live in poverty and the children on the streets fall prey to gangs, the drug cartels, and trafficking. In the city of São Paulo, there is a ministry trying to keep kids from falling through the social cracks. Fundação Baseball is an innovative ministry that aims to keep kids off the streets. Through the game of baseball, at-risk youth are taught life lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Oakseed's Impact

This unique ministry is growing by leaps and bounds! They are now faced with some challenges. As they continue to grow, they need more space and facilities. They would like to hire physical education teachers to help with the organization. They would also like to change their transport car for a van to carry more players to and from their games.

It is their goal to obtain sewing machines to use to make their uniforms and to make shirts for selling to help earn revenue for the ministry.

They would like to continue with the introduction of the project in the public school system where they can reach so many students for Christ and keep them off of the dangerous streets. They would also like to start a second league! They are actively looking for new coaches to help teach and rehabilitate these youths and young men.

Oakseed has been partners with this wonderful program since 2002, providing funds to help them grow and expand. Through the continued support of Oakseed, Fundação Baseball has been able to reach and teach many more lives for Christ.

This ministry is asking for your prayers! They need prayers for more coaches to step up and help them in their cause. They are also asking for prayers on the behalf of the children they help. God has changed many lives through this ministry and they are seeking prayer for the lives they are yet to reach.

They would also like prayer for their ministry, their families, and for the board of Directors and all of the volunteers that provide countless free hours to help the children and young men in their community.

Any prayer and monetary help would be very appreciated by this ministry as they continue to try and reach more and more at risk youth for the Lord.

Fundação Baseball uses the game to reach kids for Christ, teaching them the Gospel and how to apply the Bible’ s teachings to their everyday lives. Through great sportsmanship, they learn about life and commitment and responsibility. In addition to the sport, this ministry provides weekly Bible studies so kids and adults learn about the love of Christ.

One hundred and fifty youths from various favelas (slums) attend a weekly Bible study and baseball skill training session.

Through this ministry, children, along with their parents, are provided the opportunity to learn the sport and play with their peers as a family. They form bonds with other like-minded youth creating Christ-centered relationships that will last their whole lives long. Fundação Baseball has a league for the kids and one for adults.

They also have a league for men to bring more and more adults to Christ and provide a safe place for recreation outside of the sin-filled society.


Some amazing and inspirational stories have come out of this ministry to show how God is truly blessing the kids and young men of this organization:
  • Meet Wilson:
  • Wilson is 24 years old and came to Fundação Baseball as a student. He is now a volunteer coach for the program and is a shining example for other beginners. He is responsible and helpful with the kids and wants to teach other youths just as Fundação Baseball taught him when he was younger.
  • Meet Weferson:
  • Weferson is 15 years old and because of this ministry, has recently accepted Jesus into his heart. He was baptized and today is a young man who has a strong faith and stands firm in God and his church.
  • And then there is Emerson:
  • Emerson is 29 years old, and married. He is also a father of two children. He stands firmly in his church and his faith. Currently, he participates as a player on the adult team.

Fundação Baseball