Gospel Ministry and Counseling

Gospel Ministry and Counseling

Gospel Ministry and Counseling

Several of Oakseed’s ministry partners provide counseling services to their communities.

These services are formatted to the unique needs of each ministry partner and community and provide the support to heal and move forward with the hope of the gospel.

Please Pray:

  • For the Lord to shine the light of the gospel of the glory of Jesus Christ into people’s hearts, bringing hope and peace.
  • For the Lord to provide godly, like-minded counselors for each ministry partner.
  • For the Lord to draw people into solid local churches for ongoing fellowship and discipleship.

Here is a sampling of Oakseed’s ministry partners who provide counseling in their communities as part of their gospel ministry.

Angel Care Pregnancy Center (Liberia) offers two-week-long parenting classes. Around 49 percent of Liberian women have experienced domestic violence in their homes, resulting in unhealthy and destructive habits of interaction within families. These classes are designed to help women process trauma and learn to interact with their children in a healthy way. Women receive training from a professional counselor, pastor, teacher, and lawyer during these courses.

CEMIPRE (Chile) counsels men and women diagnosed with vision impairment. They focus on helping participants process the grief of vision loss, calling them to see the hope of Christ amid physical and spiritual darkness, and equipping them with tools to live with dignity and joy.

Emanuel House (Dominican Republic) provides occupational, language, music, and art therapy for neurodiverse children in their care. Resources for disabled children are hard to come by in the Dominican Republic, and families often have difficulty accessing the necessary tools and resources to care for their children. Emanuel House seeks to come alongside these families, care for their children, and help the community grow in caring for and integrating neurodiverse children into daily life.

Lily of the Valleys (Brazil) established a support group to reach more women, families, and men with the gospel. In addition to helping women and girls escape the prison of addiction to find freedom in Christ, they conduct lectures, offer advice, and distribute food and clothes to minimize pain and preserve the family. This is done while bringing the gospel message of love and hope.

MISIUR (Peru) provides parents with daily devotionals and counseling, emphasizing building healthy family relationships.

Oakseed offers opportunities to support these ministries through prayer and general and specific giving. We also publish an annual bazaar catalog full of gifts that have been carefully chosen by Oakseed and our partners to meet the real needs of their specific ministries. These are blessings above and beyond our ongoing support for their ministry work and are excellent options for Christmas gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. Please contact info@oakseed.org for more information or to request a catalog. To give the gift of counseling support to these ministries,visit our group gifts bazaar page.