Actively Seeking and Spreading the News of Jesus Christ

In Nairobi, Kenya, 60% of the city’ s population lives in slums. The largest slum here is Kibera, whichis without sewage, water, roads, schools, and hospitals. There are no government services of any kind. The land is desolate and unforgiving. Lives are spent in survival mode, merely existing in the day to day struggle. But there is a saving grace that is bringing the love of God to these destitute people; City Harvest has made it their goal to serve the poor of Nairobi and the marginal regions of Kenya.

Oakseed's Impact

City Harvest has always believed in seeking out those otherwise not visible in the normal sense. They go to places off the radar - unpopular places- to seek out and reach humanity for Christ. It is a life of sacrifice willingly lived. It is living a life of simplicity so that others may simply live. It is their goal to see those to whom they minister go on to minister to others, helping more and more people overcome their situations.

Oakseed stepped in to help City Harvest a few years ago with financial support that enabled the ministry to support scholars from poor families and those affected by HIV to start and run small businesses. Today, Oakseed generously donates funds to the City Harvest Scholarship fund, and for HIV counseling, and medical kits.

Please pray for this ministry and the people they are ever seeking out to share the news of Christ Jesus and eternal life. This ministry is in need of monetary help. It is their wish to grow ever larger by planting satellite churches in and around Nairobi.


In 2003, Rev. Edward Simiyu started the City Harvest in response to the suffering of the poor in the slums who were dying mainly of HIV-AIDS and had been shunned by their families, churches, and society in general. The need was great and now after 13 years, the work is as important as it ever was. Rev. Simiyu, along with his very small number of dedicated staff and volunteers, serves the areas of Kibera, Mukuru Kwa Reuben, Dandora, and Pokot North, providing utilities, HIV counseling, scholarships to poor students, and supplies.

This ministry has reached parts of Kenya and the community of Pokot people who, in 2007, had never heard of the gospel of Jesus Christ! They didn’ t have a Bible in their language. Now, due to the City Harvest’ s work in the area, these people embrace Christ and have an audio Bible specifically made for them since they could not read nor write.


God has truly blessed this ministry, touching hearts and changing lives forever. Many success stories have come through this ministry. Such as these amazing individuals:
  • James
  • James is now an engineering student. City Harvest has supported him and his efforts since primary school and now, by attending a premier state university, his employment is guaranteed and he hopes to support his family so they can experience a better life.
  • Colins
  • Colins was an orphan when City Harvest began supporting his way through school. He has now graduated in Burundi with a Bachelor’ s degree in Business and was employed by Jubilee Insurance. He is now settled in Burundi, married and working to support his siblings.
  • Rukia
  • Rukia is a mother of four who was dying of HIV-AIDS. She was abandoned by family and relatives when City Harvest found her. She greatly benefited from the ministry’ s programs and is now running a successful curio and crafts business in Nairobi. She was gone on to help begin many HIV-AIDS support groups. She is now self-sufficient and can feed her family, access medication, and live a Godly, honorable life.

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This ministry is in need of monetary help. It is their wish to
grow ever larger by planting satellite churches in and around Nairobi.