Child Sponsorship at Reformed Heart Orphans Center

Child Sponsorship at Reformed Heart Orphans Center

Child Sponsorship at Reformed Heart Orphans Center

Juliet is a precious girl with a sweet spirit. Her parents died due to AIDS when she was three years old, and she was left abandoned in an urban rental home at this young age. An elderly neighbor rescued her from this situation but couldn’t care for her. This neighbor contacted Reformed Heart Orphans Center and asked if they could take her in.

Juliet is doing well at Reformed Heart Orphans Center and is happy and smiling again. She made a profession of faith and was baptized last year and is receiving ongoing discipleship training from RHOC’s directors and her local church. She is now 14 years old and began high school earlier this year. Because the Lord placed people in her life to care for her – her neighbor, RHOC, and her Oakseed sponsors – Juliet has been able to thrive in a safe and loving environment.

Juliet at a Christmas pool outing.                                          Juliet with Director Rose as she enters high school.

About Reformed Heart Orphans Center (Kenya)

Reformed Heart Orphans Center (RHOC) lessens the negative impacts of being orphaned as they raise 35 children in their care. RHOC secures each child in a loving environment where they are cared for and have their physical and emotional needs met by being part of a Christian community. The children are integrated into the life of their local church, where they receive spiritual instruction and worship together.

RHOC provides the children with food, housing, education, and medical care. Children participate in computer classes and learn to sew their own clothes. Additionally, RHOC runs a dairy farm with four milking cows to provide milk for the children.

Sponsorship at RHOC

“I chose to sponsor through Oakseed because I trust their judgment in choosing partners who have a genuine love and commitment to children and who are teaching them from the Bible to follow Jesus.

I have enjoyed being a sponsor through Oakseed. They have sent me magnet photos of my sponsored children which are on my fridge as a prayer reminder. I am also so glad that the partner celebrates the children’s birthdays and that Oakseed notifies me so I can send greetings and money for a birthday gift. Oakseed also sends me photos of the birthday parties.

I would highly recommend the Oakseed child sponsorship program because I know that my donations are being used wisely and that my sponsored children know who I am.”

~RHOC sponsor

Sponsoring at RHOC allows you to build a relationship with a child by exchanging messages, letters, and video greetings. You can send a gift for your sponsored child to receive at the orphanage’s monthly birthday party and Christmas celebration. You will be informed if there is a specific prayer request for your sponsored child (ex., illness) or when a child shows spiritual growth.

What Sponsorship Provides

When you sponsor a child from Reformed Heart Orphans Center, you will meet his/her basic needs of food, clothing, medical care, and education. Your $45 monthly sponsorship will be used in the following way to care for your sponsored child:

  • $30 – Food
  • $5 – Education
  • $5 – Medical Insurance
  • $5 – Clothing

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