Child Sponsorship at Hanna Orphan’s Home

Child Sponsorship at Hanna Orphan’s Home

Child Sponsorship at Hanna Orphan’s Home

Fourteen-year-old Genet would love to become a doctor when she grows up. Her favorite activities are crafts and playing on the swing set, and her favorite class so far has been environmental science.

Genet lives with her parents and her three siblings. Both parents have been day laborers, but when her mother became bed-ridden due to illness four years ago, and her father had to direct most of his attention to caring for her, their family’s financial situation suffered greatly. Genet was referred to Hanna Orphan’s Home by the Office of Women and Children’s Affairs and is doing well there and advancing in her studies.

Because the Lord placed people in her life to care for her – her parents, Hanna Orphan’s Home, and her Oakseed sponsor, Genet has been able to thrive in a safe and loving environment.

About Hanna Orphan’s Home (Ethiopia)

Hanna Orphan’s Home (HOH) cares for children who lost parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic by providing a Christian home and family environment. Additionally, HOH provides support services to vulnerable children in their local community, a medical clinic for impoverished families, and an income-generation program where single mothers are trained and provided with small-business loans to start their own businesses.

Around 200 children benefit from the services HOH provides, including enrollment in a local school, after-school tutoring programs, meals, weekly Bible studies, counseling, and access to the ministry’s library. During the summer break, children participate in a special program designed to present the gospel while cultivating and exploring talents and interests, culminating in an art and innovation talent show.

Sponsorship at Hanna Orphan’s Home

When you sponsor a child from Hanna Orphan’s Home, you will meet his/her basic needs of food, clothing, medical care, and education. Your $48 monthly sponsorship will be used in the following way to care for your sponsored child:

  • $33 – Food
  • $6 – Housing
  • $6 – Clothing
  • $3 – Medication

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