Changing the World Through Prayer

Changing the World Through Prayer

Changing the World Through Prayer

Jenny Marcelene, Oakseed Ministries International Writer

Sometimes prayer can be relinquished to the back burner. But at Oakseed, prayer is the primary way we accomplish our mission. We mobilize prayer to support ministry partners as they share the gospel and bring transformation among the urban poor.

Over the past 30 years, Oakseed has seen the world changed through the prayers of faithful Christians.

Scripture’s Exhortation to Pray

Throughout Scripture, we are exhorted to pray for one another (Job 42:10; Col. 4:12; Gal. 6:2). The Bible doesn’t limit who we should pray for but encourages us to pray for “all people” (1 Tim. 2:1). Our prayer life should be comprised of a wide array of people we pray for—including those beyond the circles we run in each day.

The apostle Paul modeled the value of intercession in his own life. As he traveled around sharing the gospel and discipling the church, he prioritized prayer. In Colossians 1:9 Paul writes, “we have not ceased to pray for you.” Paul was consistently praying for the spiritual growth of believers, even those he didn’t get to see.

An essential element of the Christian life is to pray and trust God will work in response to our prayers (1 John 5:14). When we faithfully intercede we “carry each other’s burdens and in this way…fulfill the law of Christ” (Gal. 6:2). Prayer is an active way to engage in the work God is already doing across the street and around the globe.

Ministry Partners Value Prayer

“We believe nothing of significance can be achieved without prayer,” said Bibian Baralemwa, Director of Jars of Oil Mission Africa.

Oakseed’s ministry partners understand the importance of prayer and Teen Ministry in Cairo, Egypt highlights the power of faithful intercession.

Every Monday for the past three years, 72-year-old youth ministry leader, Layla Ali, prayed for the Lord to send workers to help her teach the handful of youth at her Egyptian church. Living in a densely populated area of Cairo, finding help was challenging. Year after year no one came, but still she prayed.

During this same time, Teen Ministry began to flourish until the ministry was prepared to send five program graduates out as missionaries to a highly populated area in Cairo this past year—the same neighborhood of Ali’s church.

Through the guidance of the Lord, the five Teen Ministry graduates met Ali. Teen Ministry brings love and hope into the lives of teenage girls living in the “garbage city” of Cairo, Egypt.

Today these young women, along with two of their husbands, lead a youth group meeting on Fridays. The Lord heard Ali’s prayers and provided above and beyond her expectations!

Not only have our ministry partners watched God work in response to faithful intercession, but over the years they’ve been encouraged by Oakseed’s prayer partnership.

“Oakseed is a shoulder we can lean on knowing you join with us in prayer,” said Gerson Roque, Director of Love Link in El Salvador. And through consistent intercession, God has answered many prayers.

Last year’s bazaar catalog included the gift option of a minibus for Mustard Seed Orphanage. Oakseed supporters prayed for this need to be met for years because kidnapping children from the back of trucks happened throughout Myanmar. The government didn’t allow kids to travel to school until the ministry purchased a minibus.

The Lord answered our prayers through catalog giving and provided the funds to purchase a minibus. Now Mustard Seed Orphanage can safely transport children to and from school.

Joining together in prayer for the urban poor has also transformed the spiritual lives of many and sparked encouragement to not stop praying.

“We are very grateful to the prayer warriors of Oakseed who have been interceding for us over the past two decades,” said Pushpa Weaghmare, pastor connected to Ashirvad Kanti’s ministry in India. “The financial investments and prayer support you raised for us is the cause for the fruit we see today.”

One example of the perseverance to keep praying for each ministry over the years can be seen through MISIUR. This ministry improves the quality of life for poor children and their families in Peru through comprehensive spiritual and physical care to women like Jenny Rojas.

Jenny Rojas learned her husband needed surgery for a brain tumor, but instead of succumbing to fear she kept her eyes fixed on Jesus—and MISIUR devotions played a role in encouraging her faith.

“Thank you for the biblical reflections because they help me a lot in keeping my faith and moving forward,” Rojas said. As she walks through this hardship, she trusts the Lord to strengthen her and bring healing to her spouse.

Roja’s faith is a result of MISIUR’s faithful ministry over the past 22 years and the response to the ongoing prayers of Oakseed supporters.

Our prayers matter. For the past 30 years, God has answered countless prayers as we intercede for our ministry partners. When we pray, we get the joy of watching God work in unexpected and beautiful ways.

Adopt a Ministry Prayer Partner

As we “devote ourselves to prayer” (Col. 4:2), we can take steps in carving out more time to pray through intentionality. One key way you can participate in the work God is already doing around the world is to become an intercessor by adopting an Oakseed ministry partner.

Adopting a ministry partner allows you to track with the impact of a ministry among the urban poor and learn specific ways you can intercede.

As you faithfully pray, you provide spiritual protection as a ministry partner serves those living in darkness. By selecting a ministry to regularly pray for, you’ll become an extension of their team and gain a front row seat to how God is working there to draw the urban poor to Himself.

Consider adopting a ministry partner for one year of prayer today. When you sign up, you’ll receive a monthly email with specific ways to pray and how that ministry is transforming the lives of the urban poor.

Become a part of the Oakseed family who commits to regularly pray for our ministry partners. Adopt a ministry prayer partner and be a part of changing the world through prayer! Click the link below to request more information today!

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