Providing a Bright Future and a New Possibility to the Poorest of the Poor

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia resides Kirkos Sub-City, Kebele 05. This part of the city reflects the poorest of the poor in the community and poverty runs rampant. But in this poverty-stricken part of the city lies a beacon of light offering hope and promise. Birhan Social Development Training and Consultation Center (BSDTCC) is that beacon and works feverishly to alleviate poverty by producing as many disciples as possible to administer and shed the light of God’ s salvation to the world around them.

This college/training center serves those who are economically unable to cover the cost of training, allowing the underprivileged to gain opportunity through education. Through this education, they can reach out to support the poorest of the poor communities as disciples in this dark corner of the world. Their ultimate goal is to help alleviate poverty and social injustice through education and training. This college/training center is led by Dr. Jember Teferra.

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Oakseed's Impact

Their major objective has always been clear - to improve the quality of life of the poor and deal with some of the social justice issues, to offer new hope and opportunity to countless lives as they introduce the love and light of God. Oakseed has been partnered with this wonderful ministry since the early 1990s.

Since then, Oakseed funds have contributed greatly in:
  • Sponsoring the poor school children
  • Supporting the trainees of BSDTCC
  • Filling in the financial gaps when shortfalls have occurred

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The BSDTCC was set up in 2004. Before that year, it was known as the Institute for Urban
Workers (IUW) under the Integrated Holistic Approach Urban Development Project (IHA-UDP). It responded to many secular and religious non-government like-minded organizations focused
on poverty alleviation programs ministering to some of the poorest of the poor sub-districts of Addis Ababa. This College is also legally registered as an NGO by the Ethiopian Resident Charity and Societies Agency, and accredited by the Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational
Educational Training Agency.

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Dr. Jember Teferra has witnessed the work of God first hand in this fantastic ministry. As a Christian who was called to work with the poor, she was also called to this ministry with a clear vision from the very first day. God’ s miraculous gifts and blessings have been shown in so many different ways, from where and how to find the right donors/partners, to miracles of donation when they nearly had to close the project due to lack of funds; miracles have happened in grand and dynamic ways. Lives have been drastically changed and saved through the sacrifice of this wonderful ministry.

Now many of the alumni of the college are helping with this project as well. Many who have been blessed by the BSDTCC have remained with the college to go on to bless others with their knowledge. It is a safe place; a haven for the underprivileged and a ray of hope for those who live just to survive. It gives them hope for a future beyond poverty and shame - a bright hope, open to new possibilities beyond the imagination.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers:

The Birhan Social Development Training and Consultation Center is in need of funding to help further growth in their community. They plan to use future funds to help set up a website and upgrade the training given at the college to a Master’ s level.

Birhan Social Development

This ministry is in need of monetary help.