Helping Children Through Love and Education

Many children in India survive on the streets. They live in slums and their parents are either too poor to care for them or need them to work instead of getting an education. Some are even abandoned to the harsh realities of society. Living is stark with very little hope of getting better or changing. Many become victims of disease or social sin with little chance of escape. Ashvirad Kanti helps by offering these children a ray of hope and a better way of life.

Ashirvad Kanti was started to bring a light and a hope to these forgotten children. The name of the ministry means “The Light of Blessing” and that is exactly what they are as they help all of thechildren so that they can and spread the love of the Lord in this dark and depressing land.

Oakseed's Impact

Oakseed has been partnered with Ashirvad Kanti for a long time, raising funds for staff and sponsorships for children living with the ministry. Oakseed has also helped in raising funds to build Ashirvad Kanti a building. The beautiful facility has been a huge blessing to many children and staff.

Ashirvad Kanti’ s focus is on holiness and righteousness and they will continue in this ministry as long as the Lord continues to open doors.

“Each day is learning at the feet of the Lord.”

This ministry is in need of your prayers. Please pray with us as we ask for God’ s continued guidance for this amazing ministry as well as for His continued support and strength as Ashirvad Kanti reaches out to bring as many as they can to His healing salvation.


Mrs. Pushpa Waghmare started this ministry when she saw hundreds of children out of school, pleading with her to teach them. She focused on transforming their lives through education and through the healing power of God. Today, Mrs. Waghmare still leads this ministry. She as a small staff who work tirelessly to serve the poor and marginalized, the destitute of society, and those lost without direction. Their focus is on the children and women, both young and old.

This wonderful ministry serves all of India and has networks throughout the country at different levels of government offices, educational institutions, and hospitals. They provide the poor with education, healthcare, residential care, and training programs.

In Ashirvad Kanti, many find the peace and hope that they have craved for their entire lives. This ministry has changed lives forever!

Ministry Successes

  • Many of the children have been helped out of the slums and have gone on to succeed in life. Many have now graduated as engineers, nurses, commerce, or are in the field of
    computer science.
  • Ashirvad Kanti has also facilitated the development of some communities with water,
    electricity, housing, education, and healthcare provided by the government.
  • They have worked hard to get rid of deeply engrained superstitions and have changed people’ s beliefs by introducing them to the all-powerful and encompassing love of our
    living God. Because of Ashirvad Kanti’ s intervention in society, mortality rates have
    decreased. Children affected by HIV and hunger have been provided with holistic care
    through the ministry’ s residential care program.
  • Destitute women have been empowered through skills such as tailoring, beautician
    courses, electrical, appliances, fabrics, book binding, and more!
  • God is seen glorified and honored by the testimony of the children in schools, colleges,
    church, and society. Even people with a criminal mentality have been transformed
    through this ministry’ s love and care.
  • God’ s sufficiency and faithfulness is experienced all the time! They rely on God’ s
    providence and provision every day and seek His will in every step that they take. Their path is always led by the Holy Spirit, and through the Word of God.

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