Ministry Update: MISIUR (Peru)

Ministry Update: MISIUR (Peru)

Ministry Update: MISIUR (Peru)

A recent update from MISIUR in Peru highlights the many facets of their ministry among students and their families.

Spiritual Focus

In Bible time with the students, MISIUR is continuing through the Heidelberg catechism, recently discussing the degrees of the humiliation of Jesus, beginning with his incarnation and culminating with his suffering on the cross and his burial.

MISIUR continues to produce daily virtual devotionals for parents, encouraging them to read and pray together as families. Recent topics covered spiritual strength and intra-family relationships. Parents have indicated that these devotionals have been helpful, providing resources for spiritual growth and discussion within their families.

MISIUR held special Bible Month celebrations, reading daily from the book of Ruth and encouraging Scripture memory among the children. For their interactive fair, they created murals about the transmission of the Bible, the Protestant Reformation, the Heidelberg Catechism, etc. Additionally, they held a thanksgiving service at their local church. Outstanding participants were given awards in recognition of their effort and dedication.

  • Please pray for the Lord to use the devotionals and Bible studies to bring children and parents to faith in Christ and incorporate them into their local churches for fellowship and discipleship.

Educational Focus

MISIUR believes that education is a tool that transforms the lives of individuals, families, and the nation. They have designed programs that supplement state academic instruction while also training the children in social skills and biblical values. These programs address the children’s emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth and include social skills workshops, training in ethical Christian values, Bible story workshops and daily devotionals, community service opportunities, and homework counseling tutoring.

The children receive tutoring in reading and math skills, supplemented by games, songs, and special activities. Parents helped develop a special electrical installations workshop, where they learned how to properly use cables, insulating tape, LED bulbs, and other practical electrical elements.  

  • Please pray for the Lord to help the children to grow academically, that they may be equipped to be students of the Scriptures, godly and helpful employees and coworkers, and blessings in their churches.

Social Skills Focus

MISIUR held several workshops, including a “Decision Making” one, in which participants learned how to make wise choices to equip them to grow in personal responsibility and understand the consequences of individual choices. Another workshop focused on conflict resolution and centered around discussions about empathy and listening and dialoguing respectfully. Seminars for parents focused on strengthening familial relationships.

MISIUR also offers counseling services to kids and families with the goal of improving family relationships.

  • Please pray for the Lord to grow the children to be peacemakers and understand experientially the peace that Jesus has purchased through his death and resurrection.
  • Pray also for the Lord to transform families by His Word, especially giving parents wisdom and patience in raising their children to know and love the Lord.

Nutritional and Health Focus

MISIUR served daily lunches to 55 children ages 7-17 and 22 vulnerable people in the community, ranging in age from 2 to 88 years old, including the disabled and sick. They strive to provide a balanced and varied diet to promote growth and comprehensive physical and emotional well-being. Some of the produce and proteins they serve are harvested from their own gardens and egg farm, which also provide skills training for people in their communities.

They also hosted visual screenings and assisted people in acquiring glasses. The medical boarding students of the UPC University performed a hemoglobin screening on the children of the CEDIN, and they were encouraged that the results were in line with government standards.

In September, they hosted a parents’ workshop on “Health Prevention and Healthy Nutrition” and worked with the children on basic skills such as personal hygiene and good tooth brushing.

  • Please pray for the Lord to provide opportunities for gospel conversations and relationships as MISIUR cares for the physical needs of their communities.