Meet Lily of the Valleys

Meet Lily of the Valleys

Meet Lily of the Valleys


Lily of the Valleys

Oakseed ministry partner since 1994


Catanduva, Brazil

Ministry Focus

Rehabilitation of Women

About Lily of the Valleys

Lily of the Valleys is a Bible-based residential drug and alcohol care program in Catanduva, Brazil. The ministry helps teenage girls and women escape the prison of addiction to find freedom in Christ. Lily of the Valleys emphasizes the gospel in treatment programs, believing only an encounter with Jesus can free addicts from spiritual and physical bondage.

Women, young and old, come to the Lily of the Valleys from broken lives filled with addiction, violence, abuse, and sin. While there, they receive counseling and medical care. They also receive spiritual care and are introduced to the love of God in Christ, their worth as ones created in His image, and the freedom only found in the gospel.

Upon arrival at Lily of the Valleys, each woman is gifted a personal Bible for Bible studies and group discussions. As a graduation gift, each program graduate is given a new dress and shoes. For many of these women, this is their first new dress, and it provides a professional outfit for job interviews.

In addition to helping women and girls escape the prison of addiction to find freedom in Christ, Lily of the Valleys hosts lectures, provides skills training, and distributes food and clothes to minimize pain and preserve the family. This is done while bringing the gospel message of love and hope.

For the past 40 years, women who have graduated from Lily of the Valleys have shared testimonies of how the Lord has met them in their brokenness, changed their hearts and desires, helped them repent of sin, and satisfied them in Christ alone.

Testimonies from Graduates

“I was treated for eight months, and all the sessions, presentations, workshops, theater groups, and spiritual sharing groups were great learning experiences for me.  Being at Lily was a great training experience and I have great memories and eternal gratitude for this blessed place.  I have recovered my values and my dignity, and today, I am free from drugs and wrong living.

Jesus is the center of my life.  Walking with him makes for a happy and secure journey.  When I surrendered my life to Him, everything changed.  God transformed an irresponsible and rebellious teenager into a strong, perseverant woman — a vessel to bless others.  God gave me a wonderful family and blessed children.  No one believed in us. However, God specializes in the impossible.”


“There, I went through a change in my life.  I began to have set times for doing things and be disciplined, as we need to have schedules and rules to follow.  When I was using drugs, I did not pay attention to these things, nor to a greater thing, which is to have faith in God, as religion helps us 99% in freeing us from this addiction. My addiction is, in reality, a condition for the rest of my life, as there is a constant struggle; it is always nearby, and that is the truth…. I am grateful to my God for the privilege of being treated there.  Thank you, Lord.”


“I can say that my time at Lily of the Valleys was crucial to the person I am today.  The time there was a time to build a strong foundation, a time of preparation, as if I was being created for newness of life.  At Lily, I was accepted, cared for, and encouraged to be the best I could be.  I started to face life with courage, without trying to run away from problems.  I understood my own worth.  … I am grateful for all that they did for me, for believing that behind every addict, there is a suffering human being who can be rehabilitated.

I still remember each word that the Lord has told me and I believe with all my heart that everything in my life is under the control of His powerful hand. I am a recovering addict, and I can do nothing without Jesus’s presence in my life because I cannot do anything through my own strength, but I can do all things through Christ Jesus, who saved me.  Each day, I am grateful to the Lord for a day without drugs.  I am grateful that He believed in me and for showing me that I am greatly loved and cared for by Him in a very special way.  I am grateful that He opened my eyes to see that I am a greatly loved daughter.  Our hearts need to be connected to our Creator because away from His presence, I know that I cannot fight this battle and win. Only connected to the Lord can I continue my journey, assured that I will no longer be a slave to drugs.  And each day I want to thank the Lord for all He has done and continues to do for me.  Thank You Father!!!! For everything in me is for Your glory!!!!”


“Were it not for Lily of the Valleys Therapeutic Community and the constant prayers of Pastor Lourdes Maria, where would I be? How would I be? That community truly welcomed, embraced, invested in, and introduced me to the only person who could free me — Jesus…. Through His infinite grace and mercy, God brought me out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Son he loves.”

~ Claudinéia

Prayer Points

  1. Please pray for the director and staff of Lily of the Valleys to not grow weary in doing good but to trust that God is not slow to fulfill His promise and will bring people to repentance and faith in Jesus.
  2. Pray for the Lord to provide strong partnerships with local churches so that the girls and women who come through this program have discipleship, community, and support when they leave. Pray also for the Lord to help the women who have been converted persevere in the Word and pursue discipleship in solid local churches after graduation from the program.
  3. Pray for the women as they graduate from the program and return to homes and situations where they will face temptations and hardship again. Pray for the Lord to keep them sober upon release, fleeing from sin to Christ, fearing the Lord, and following Him. Pray also for protection, jobs, and safe places for them.
  4. As the Brazilian government imposes more stringent regulations on therapeutic communities like Lily of the Valleys, please pray for the Lord to protect them, enable them to continue operating, and give them opportunities to testify to the healing that only comes through the gospel of Christ.

Oakseed offers several ways to support Lily of the Valleys in its mission to bring the gospel to its community, including prayer resources and financial support. Please visit our prayer or bazaar catalog pages for more information.