Meet Angel Care

Meet Angel Care

Meet Angel Care



Angel Care Pregnancy Center

Oakseed ministry partner since 2021


Monrovia, Liberia

Ministry Focus

Care for Mothers and Young Children

About Angel Care

Angel Care meets the dire needs of impoverished mothers in Liberia by sharing the gospel through prenatal and postnatal care for mothers, parenting workshops, and childcare for children through age 4.

Liberia is ranked 10th for maternal mortality rates worldwide, and the government offers no assistance to the poor. Liberian women desperately need access to quality prenatal and postnatal care to save the lives of mothers and infants. Angel Care has stepped into this medical services desert to provide quality care to a vulnerable community by providing counseling, baby supplies, prenatal medical care, infant care classes, and parent skills training.

Almost half of all Liberian women have experienced domestic violence in their homes, resulting in unhealthy and destructive habits of interaction within families. Angel Care’s quarterly parenting classes help mothers see and nurture the potential in their children instead of turning to anger. During these two-week courses, women receive training from a professional counselor, pastor, teacher, and lawyer. As families are given tools for healthy parenting, children’s lives are transformed, and women can work toward healing. Entire communities are transformed as these women’s hearts are changed by the gospel and as they, in turn, bring this gospel to their friends and neighbors.

About Liberia

Liberia was devastated by civil war and years of unrest in the 1990s and early 2000s, resulting in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, the destruction of housing and utilities, and the deterioration of healthcare facilities. A two-year outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus only served to sap the healthcare system further and negatively affect the economy.

Notes from the Director

Under the pregnant women and baby mothers’ program, Angel Care hosts parenting training for two weeks every quarter each year.

We started this training after realizing that most of the aggression mothers express toward their children is transferred from ways others have hurt them, leaving them feeling used, mistreated, and unappreciated by the fathers of their children. As a result, they have little patience for their children’s mistakes. The concern is that this will perpetuate the cycle, with the kids growing up with low self-esteem and seeking love and attention from the wrong places.

This program opens the mothers’ eyes to each child’s dignity and worth, being made in the image of God, and teaches them the role mothers play in ensuring it comes to light.

During each two-week period, we have four trainers:

  • A Counselor (to find the root cause of hurt)
  • A Pastor (to define the biblical role of a mother)
  • A teacher (to share how to parent from child to youth)
  • A lawyer (to share the legal implications of wrong parenting)

We successfully ended their latest training with seventy-five mothers attending. We also provided a small amount of cash for at least ten mothers to start a business as a means of empowering them to help provide for their families.

Prayer Points

  1. Please pray for the Lord to preserve the lives of the mothers and babies who come through Angel Care and to break the devastating cycle of domestic violence in Liberia.
  2. Many of the women who come through Angel Care have had their lives changed by the Lord and are actively sharing the hope of the gospel with their friends and neighbors. Pray for the Lord to bless these interactions with the fruit of faith and new life.
  3. Pray for the Lord to sustain, protect, and refresh the staff of Angel Care in their labors.
  4. Please pray for the Lord to bless Angel Care’s small business training and loans for mothers and use it to help them provide for their families and come to know the Lord as their Provider.
  5. Angel Care’s recent quarterly parenting course had 75 mothers in attendance. Pray for the Lord to bring these mothers to faith in Jesus and prepare them to care for their children.

Oakseed offers several ways to support Angel Care as they seek to bring the gospel to their community, including prayer resources and financial support. Please visit our prayer or bazaar catalog pages for more information.