Partner with Oakseed for Short-Term Missions

Partner with Oakseed for Short-Term Missions

Partner with Oakseed for Short-Term Missions

Why short-term missions?

The most significant value is the challenge to the values of our own people who participate.

Our culture anesthetizes our sense of world need and the self-centeredness of our own values. These trips can help awaken both of those senses.

~Dr. Rick Horne, Oakseed Ministry Liaison to Africa and the Dominican Republic


During the summer of 2023, two young men traveled to Chile to spend a week with Oakseed’s ministry partner, CEMIPRE. In addition to helping with some construction projects, they had the opportunity to attend staff meetings and group and individual sessions with CEMIPRE’s clients. This was an amazing experience for them, so much so that another trip is in the works.

Over the summer of 2022, a young college student spent two months interning at Love Link in El Salvador, helping care for desperately malnourished babies. Because of her EMT certification, she could even assist in monitoring the fragile babies’ vital signs. The Lord used this internship to shift her perspective about what truly matters, especially amid the pressures of college courses and preparation for med school. Long-term goals are important, but truly seeing people and caring for them in the moment models the compassion and kindness of Christ to the world.

“I learned that I had underestimated the value of such little acts of kindness,” Wilson said. “God showed me in El Salvador that small things—like changing a diaper or playing with a lonely toddler—matter a lot more than I thought.”

These young people had the opportunity to spend time in different cultures, working alongside godly men and women and serving Oakseed’s ministry partners, and they came away changed by the experience.

Oakseed has 25 ministry partners worldwide and would love to help pair you with one of them for a short-term mission trip, summer internship, community service, or other ministry opportunity. Please contact for more information.