Ministry Update: MISIUR (Peru)

Ministry Update: MISIUR (Peru)

Ministry Update: MISIUR (Peru)

Seven-year-old Josué lives with his mother and two older siblings. His father abandoned the family five years ago, and his mother hasn’t heard from him since, so she takes care of him and his education.

Josué’s mother took him to the mountains during the pandemic because his stepfather worked there. It was difficult for him to keep up with his virtual education because they only had one cell phone for all the siblings to use.

Josué is currently in first grade. His favorite course is communication, and his favorite food is noodles with red sauce. He has been participating in the CEDIN NJA since April of last year when his mother decided to enroll him to keep him from spending time on the streets with his friends. At CEDIN, despite learning difficulties, he has learned to read and recognize numbers.

Josué has also learned to pray and give thanks for food with the help of Pastor Carlos Peralta, and he receives healthy meals each day. He has learned many other things, including Bible stories and who God is, reading, recognizing numbers, being a peacemaker with others, and valuing the right foods. Now, he strives for good grades in school and reads in his spare time.

Prayer Points

  1. Please pray for the Lord to bring Josué to repentance and faith in Christ and give him an insatiable hunger and thirst for Him and His Word.
  2. Please pray for the Lord to bring Josué’s entire family to faith in Christ.
  3. Please pray for the Lord to use MISIUR to bring the gospel to their community as they serve children and families through education, healthy meals, and Bible studies.

Kids’ Bible study time

Museum field trip.

Practicing reading time.

Christmas food basket gifts from Oakseed bazaar funds.

Solar panel installation means Derek doesn’t have to study by candle light anymore.