Oakseed’s Ministry Liaisons: An Introduction

Oakseed’s Ministry Liaisons: An Introduction

Oakseed’s Ministry Liaisons: An Introduction

For over 30 years, Oakseed Ministries International has been part of a broader global movement to bring individuals out of poverty by serving abandoned children and the poor in the developing world’s largest cities. The heart of Oakseed’s ministry is to meet their physical and more significant spiritual needs, bringing the good news of Jesus in word and deed. Oakseed currently provides prayer support, financial support, counseling, and training for 25 ministry partners in 15 countries.

To accomplish these goals over such a broad territory, Oakseed relies upon regional ministry liaisons, who personally serve  Oakseed’s international partners through travel and regular communication, providing oversight, encouragement, and Christian mentorship. Oakseed’s liaisons are godly men with ministry experience who strongly desire to serve the Lord through ministry to the urban poor and faithful prayer. They cultivate unique relationships with current and potential ministry partners and are the hands and feet of Oakseed worldwide, bringing about more fruitful and authentic relationships with our ministries.

Prayer points

  • Please pray for the Lord to grow Oakseed’s ministry liaisons in faith, love, and steadfastness and satisfy them in Him.
  • Please pray for them to know and experience the power of the gospel and proclaim it boldly and carefully.
  • Please pray for them to persevere in faithful labor and not grow weary in doing good.
  • Please pray for the Lord to make them a blessing and encouragement to Oakseed’s ministry partners.


Dr. Rick Horne, Oakseed Ministry Liaison to Africa and the Dominican Republic, visiting Fountain of Life Christian School in the Dominican Republic

Rev. Sam Oluoch, Oakseed Ministry Liaison to Africa, visiting Reformed Heart Orphans Center in Kenya

Carlos Dourado, Oakseed Ministry Liaison to Latin America, visiting several ministries in Brazil

Satish Moses, Oakseed Ministry Liaison to India, visiting several ministries in India

Over the next several months, we will introduce you to each ministry liaison and the regions and ministry partners they serve. Please join us in praying for each of these men and the spread of the gospel around the world.